Flight Training

Now is a great time to become a Pilot!  Whether you started years ago, or want a new career, to dreaming of it as a child, timing is everything!  Recent studies have shown there will be a pilot shortage for the next 15-18 years.  Let us get you on your journey with our knowledgeable and expert instructors.

On-Demand Charter

Want to get there faster, closer, with less hassle.  We all have flown with the airlines, and no one wants to go through security, wait to board, maintenance delays, tight spaces, restrictions.  Join us the you will fly like royalty with leg room, no security, no strangers to fight over an armrest with.  See how flying should be and choose us for your next journey.

About Eugene Flight Center

Established in 2009 EFC has been providing safe air charter operations, exceptional flight training, and scenic flights near Eugene, and the west coast of Oregon for over 10 years. 

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Our office is located at the

Mahlon Sweet Airport

28717 Grumman Dr. Eugene Oregon 97402