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How do I become a pilot?

Becoming an aviator is an incredible journey and depending on the type of flying you do there will be different requirements to meet and routes to take. To fly as a career pilot the route will start with you getting a private pilot, then your commercial license. In addition you'll want to add an instrument rating. Whether you fly for a career or for yourself it begins with achieving your private pilot license. 


Prior to beginning any certification process we recommend meeting with an instructor and getting a more detailed idea of what it will take. We also offer $99 discovery flights so you can experience a flight lesson, fly,  and enjoy the wonders of aviation.  

Is flying safe?

Very! All of our pilots are highly skilled and have achieved their certifications through the Federal Aviation Administration and some with the US Air Force. We ensure that our pilots are always learning and always striving to offer customers the most comfortable and safe flight possible. Furthermore, our aircraft are well kept. From cleanliness to maintenance of the airframe and powerplant by local qualified mechanics. 

As a passenger with EFC you are in control of your experience, meaning unlike with airline travel, you can let us know if you are uncomfortable and we can fly the plane to accommodate you. For example, say we are flying for a few hours and you are craving a burger, why don't we land at a nearby airport and snag some patties?


Reoccurring Questions?

As we see trends in reoccurring questions we will add them below. Please contact us with any further inquiries.  



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