Air Charter

With our pricing, we strive to provide competitive pricing, while still offering high quality service.  For our air charter we strive to be as transparent as possible.  Below is how our pricing.  If you have questions check out FAQ section or feel free to contact us!  We can pick you up from almost anywhere on the west coast, just ask!


Pricing Breakdown: 

Piper Navajo (Seats up to 7)

Cost Per hour: $910

Standby cost per hour: $75

Overnight: $500

Cessna 182 Skylane (Seats up to 3)

Cost Per hour: $360

Standby cost per hour: $75

Overnight: $500

Our Navajo just received new engines, next will be Avionics then an interior refurb

Estimated completion

Summer 2020


For instructional rides the pricing is below: (Wet means full fuel)

Cessna 182Q (Wet): $200

Piper Warrior Pa28-161 (Wet): $160 an hour

Instructor: $55 an hour

Ground instruction: $55 an hour

Aircraft Rental

Our Warrior and 182Q can be rented, some restrictions might apply for distance if we have scheduled charter or other contract work that takes, precedence, just ask and we'll see what we can do.

Rental Rates:

PA28-161 Warrior $160 hr (wet)

C182Q Skylane $200 hr (wet)

Standby charge: (this is a charge for having the aircraft away from Eugene for a day, example you fly to Redmond Friday night, stay Saturday then fly back Sunday.  You will be charged standby on Saturday whether you fly that day or not.  This will only be charged if you fly less than 3 hours the standby day.)

PA28-161 Warrior $460

C182Q Skylane $580

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